Disability:  Paraplegia  

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Newer Video Clips:

In the bath



Para Princess transfers in her tub,takes a bath, transfers out, brushes teeth and goes to the bathroom



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Getting dressed


Para princess transfer onto her bed, gets dressed on her bed. transfers back to her chair and gets ready to go out



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Older vids:


Hidden Cam! 



Para Princess was  was filmed in secret and I jacked her cam!!



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Para ~n~ Peaches


Para Princess has fun with her friend Peaches, after she uses the toilet and takes a shower. Then she transfers to the couch and finishes getting ready.




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TV Repairman


I canít get my TV to work so I call a TV repairman to help me out. Turns out I have the wrong remote control and he lifts my lifeless leg to find it underneath me. We still canít turn it on so I decide to turn him on instead and attempt a lap dance from my wheelchair before straddling him and grinding against him. I lean back on the sofa to show my slender frame as he bends and strokes my legs to see what he can do to me, stretching my legs wide. I soon sit up and lean forward to play with his cock, spitting on it before swallowing it whole. I transfer to the floor and carry on as he touches me all over before I fall back onto the floor and he pulls my silk panties off. He fingers my unfeeling pussy as I ask him to describe how it feels to me, pulling my leg up to my head. He finally fucks me, telling me how tight I am as he pushes himself deep inside me. I pull myself up so Iím bent over the sofa with my skinny arse in the air, wriggling and teasing him as he rubs and pulls me about. I want to be fucked in my wheelchair so he carries me into it and I hold my legs up as he plays with me and fucks me some more. I give him a tit wank and eagerly suck his cock until he stands back to play with himself squirting streams of hot, juicy spunk all over me. I rub it in, lick my fingers and clean his cock with my tongue.




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 Regular Routine


I didnít do my enema last night and need to go in the morning instead so I throw the duvet off and have a little stretch of my thigh muscles then pull my feet together with my knees bent to stretch my inner thigh muscles. I lean back to do my catheter, trying to keep my legs open on the bed. A transfer to my wheelchair and off to the bathroom I go. I set up my Peristeen and carefully place the catheter inside my anus where I inflate the balloon and pump water inside my bowel. I brush my teeth and have a wash while I wait then put a glove on to check Iím empty. I ensure Iím clean then transfer onto a towel and get back on my bed where I moisturise and get dressed, leaning from side to side to pull my panties and bottoms up.





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The Carer


Para Princess gets a new carer! She gives her lots of care, in more ways than 1!!!  They have fun with toys, each other, hot wax, catheters and then Para transfers on the couch gets dressed.



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Para Play1 


Princess removes pants, top, bra, then touches self and licks fingers



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Para play 2 


More sexy masturbation and moving legs around.



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Getting Ready 



Paraprincess transfers to the bed, puts on lotion on face and body and gets dress

5:26 mins


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Getting ready2



Gets on the bed, undresses, stretches, gets back in chair, goes to the bathroom to cath.

7:10 mins


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Getting in and out of the car


She gets out of the car then gets back in and puts in her chair to drive off

2:15 mins


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Making the bed



Paraprinces makes her bed, getting in and out of her chair several times

10:55 mins


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***You may have noticed that many videos and/or sets are missing. Awhile back, my hard drive died and I had lost

many videos and sets of some models.


If you have purchased anything that is no longer for sale on the site and still have it,

please let me know, I would love to

 have them again!


I will send a free set or video of your choice in return for each set/vid sent to me.

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